Fourth edition of the Quebec Free Software Week

For sustainable development

For the fourth consecutive year individuals and organizations from all corners of Quebec join together for the Quebec Free Software Week. The launching of the new web site for SQIL represents the beginning of the organization of SQIL activities which will take place from September 15th to September 23rd 2007. The objective of SQIL is to promote free software and to foster a solid relationship between users and free software through sharing and exchange of knowledge.

This year's theme, For sustainable development, encourages participants to forge strong links before and during the event in order to better present the stakes of free software in all of its forms. With its exciting possibilities the philosophy of free software redefines our vision of software and our rights to software. It is important to inform people from the start in order to encourage the growth of free software and its use within the world population. This applies to enterprises, associations and individuals.

An event on a provincial scale doesn't just happen! This is why the organizers of SQIL are in search of people willing to help and to take part in the organization of an event with such a large mandate. Whether you are representing a company, a non-profit institution, media, a school, other organization or you are an interested individual you can take part in the collective effort by proposing activities, by promoting SQIL and free software. You could even lend a hand with the website organization, creating the flyer, the posters etc.

For further information concerning the organization, activities, the resources that can be placed at your disposal as a promoter or to obtain general information consult the SQIL web site regularly.