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Long live the SQIL

Since February 2007, I was doing everything in my power to reach automn, read for a memorable SQIL. I have no doubt about its success, but for me it's the end of the adventure. Free Software is as much important to me as it was 10 years ago, that won't change. But I come to the conclusion that I'm not the right person anymore to promote it.
FACIL will take over. I recommend they replace this website but a couple static pages to minimise maintenance, spam and all that.

Thanks to Fred, Max, Steph, Heri, Josh, Tricia and all others who contributed already.

After the April 16th 2007 IRC meeting

I've been trying for an hour to upload the IRC log IRC of tonights meeting... it's a little discouraging. I finally removed the Signup module and that seems to have solved the file attachment problem, at least for now.

A few new people showed up. It's obvious we still need some basic documents to answer questions. The FAQ could be enhanced, for example..

Five months to go... Blog time!

Copy of an email I sent to a few anglophone contacts after I translated it.


I am writing you today about the SQIL, hoping you can help out. With only five small months before September 15th 2007, the more we talk about it today, the more we can expect diversified and interesting activities. This is the only email (with its translation) of the sort I will be sending to individuals from my address book. I hope you can forgive this small intrusion.

Introduction de mon carnet SQIL et Todo publics

Il y a quelques jours, j'hésitais à publier ici sur un ton plus personnel, mais comme je risque de le faire de toutes façons sur IM2 | OQP c'est aussi bien de commencer ici pour en simplifier la lecture.

J'ai pubié deux pages du groupe des webmestres, des documents de travail pour le site. Il s'agit du Todo et d'une liste de modules à explorer. Y'a peut-être quelque chose là dedans que vous pouvez faire pour aider à l'avancement de la SQIL ;)